Volta Trucks Benefits From TaaS Model

Volta trucks offers a one-stop shop solution through Truck-as-a-Service (TaaS). This mitigates perceived risks of transitioning to an electric fleet and allows for quicker adoption.

Driver safety is also key: the low and central driving position in the greenhouse-style cab provides a wide, 220-degree field of vision, minimizing dangerous blind spots.


Since its founding in 2019, Volta Trucks has put people at the center of its development, with an aim to “revolutionize city center logistics.” The full-electric Volta Zero truck is engineered to reduce environmental impacts and provide a safer, more comfortable work environment for drivers. It also has features to protect vulnerable road users and enhance cargo safety.

The driver sits in a central position in the cab, which is lower to the ground than conventional vehicles, and the massive wraparound windscreen provides a full 220-degree view, eliminating dangerous blind spots. Its doors use train technology and slide open rather than swinging out, minimizing the risk of injury to pedestrians or cyclists.

In addition to its vehicle, Volta offers a variety of services to support customers in their transition to electric trucking. These include telematics that optimizes logistics operations, infrastructure depot solutions, maintenance and repair services, and insurance that protects drivers and businesses against unexpected costs.


Founded in 2019, Volta Trucks is a full-electric start-up dedicated to developing vehicles for tomorrow’s cities. Through a mix of product and business model innovations, Volta Trucks seeks to play a key role in tackling city-specific environmental problems and revolutionizing city center logistics.

The company’s flagship model, the 16-tonne Zero, uses an advanced battery with 160-200 kWh that enables a range of 150-200 kilometers. Its innovative cab design gives the driver a central driving position and lower seat height than a conventional truck, providing a wide 220-degree field of vision while eliminating dangerous blind spots.

In addition, the vehicle features advanced driver assistance systems such as Active Steering, Road Sign Assist and a Reversing Assistant with reversing camera. Additionally, the Zero’s technical status monitoring system based on artificial intelligence helps avoid breakdowns and maximizes uptime. Customers also benefit from a comprehensive service package and telematics to fully optimize their logistics operations. Lastly, the cab incorporates HERE Navigation for a simplified in-vehicle infotainment experience.


The company’s revolutionary cab design puts the driver at the center of the experience. In addition to an intuitive user interface, the truck is equipped with a wide range of advanced safety features. These systems will help the driver stay safe on busy city streets, and even avoid accidents.

The central driving position offers drivers a 220-degree view of the surrounding environment, eliminating dangerous blind spots. This design also allows the driver to enter and exit the vehicle through sliding doors on either side of the cabin, rather than opening out into traffic.

The Volta Zero will be offered as a Trucks as a Service model, which will bundle charging, maintenance, and insurance into a monthly operational cost, instead of a one-off capital purchase. This will allow fleet operators to try out the new technology without worrying about the financial implications. Additionally, the company is working on a network of Hubs that will serve the service and maintenance needs of its vehicles.


Volta Trucks aims to revolutionize city center logistics with its fully-electric cargo vehicles. Its zero-emission trucks are redesigned for urban environments, offering a safer environment for drivers and pedestrians alike. They don’t have engine noise or tailpipe emissions, and they use a natural composite called powerRibs for the exterior body components.

The company’s flagship vehicle is the full-electric Volta Zero, a 16-tonne commercial cargo truck that’s designed for city-center freight deliveries. Its revolutionary cab design offers the driver safety support systems such as Active Steering, Road Sign Assist, and Reversing Assistant with a reversing camera. It also has Lane Change Assist and Lane Departure Warning systems to prevent accidents.

In addition to this, Volta’s TaaS (Truck as a Service) model lets companies pay a monthly fee instead of having to make a big capital purchase from day one. They can also access maintenance and other services to maximize the life of their vehicles. It’s an innovative approach that makes it easier for companies to adopt electric trucks.