Talkdesk Benefits For Medium and Large Businesses

Talkdesk is an artificial intelligence (AI) based cloud call center platform that improves customer interactions and helps reduce support costs. Its omnichannel communication and support, advanced historical and real-time analytics, and scalable add-ons are ideal for medium and large remote and blended contact centers.

The CX Cloud Elevate Plan offers 100% SLA-guaranteed uptime, the full Guardian security suite and the AI-powered Agent Assist tool. Admins can also use the no-code drag and drop Conversation Designer tool to build engaging conversations.

Boosts Customer Satisfaction

Talkdesk’s dedication to customer success is a key factor in its wide-ranging client base. The company’s cloud-based platform offers a seamless onboarding process and fast time to value, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can benefit from its innovative solutions.

The company’s AI-powered analytics empower businesses to optimize agent performance, predict customer behavior, and personalize interactions. With this powerful tool, businesses can build trust with customers and increase customer retention rates.

In addition, Talkdesk’s intuitive user interface makes it easy for agents and customer service representatives to navigate the system. Moreover, the solution’s built-in features, such as a numeric keypad, call monitoring with call whisper and call barge, and agent wallboards, streamline productivity. The software also includes a comprehensive reporting suite that provides real-time alerts and customizable dashboards.

Reduces Call Center Costs

Talkdesk enables business to operate full-blown call center operations using only browsers, saving on facilities to house customer service teams, annual salaries and benefits, equipment and software tools. It reduces operational costs by automating processes and leveraging AI and ML to streamline calls, increase agent efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

With features like conversational AI, live Agent Assist and multi-level IVR, Talkdesk helps customers solve problems without having to wait on hold or for a callback. It also enables customer reps to route calls to the representative best suited for handling the specific issue, improving overall resolution times.

Its AppConnect marketplace provides out-of-the-box third-party platform integrations within the Talkdesk interface. The company’s “Starter” version of its Guardian compliance and security tool and the Live Call Analytics / Voice Call Transcription & Analysis Starter feature are offered on the CX Cloud Essentials plan.

Increases Agent Productivity

eGain and Talkdesk have partnered to deliver AI solutions that help companies increase agent productivity. These solutions allow agents to access and share the right knowledge during interactions with customers, which leads to better outcomes.

Talkdesk’s unified and intuitive agent Workspace provides one-click access to all essential CX Cloud functionalities and integrations via a personalized desktop agent or admin dashboard. It also features a no-code, drag-and-drop Conversation Designer tool for creating and updating automated customer self-service flows and a mobile app to interact with customers on the go.

The advanced Boost feature suite includes omnichannel routing, workforce management and adherence monitoring, skills-based or custom drag-and-drop team schedules, and automation of omnichannel forecasting. Admins can also review real-time and historical contact center analytics using premade reporting templates.

Reduces Call Waiting Time

In a recent One Poll survey, customers reported that the number one thing they hate most is being put on hold. Fortunately, Talkdesk can help reduce call waiting times with its Intelligent Call Handling and Agent Assist features.

During a live customer interaction, Talkdesk’s Virtual Agent can automatically transfer the call to an available agent and provide that agent with the relevant information from the caller like account history and authentication details. This feature eliminates the need for supervisors to manually transfer calls and ensures that agents are equipped to handle the customer’s query.

Admins can also monitor the performance of their teams with Talkdesk’s extensive, historical analytics via the Quality Management feature suite. Additionally, Talkdesk’s leaderboard function broadcasts metrics to all team members, fostering a spirit of friendly competition and increasing team productivity.

Boosts Employee Engagement

Talkdesk employee benefits include Work From Home, Health Insurance and Paid Vacation. These are among the best perks and benefits available at Talkdesk.

When employees are engaged in their work, they have more passion and energy towards the goals of their company. This leads to higher productivity and less attrition. In turn, this helps boost customer satisfaction scores and business revenue.

Research has shown that highly engaged employees have a direct impact on customer satisfaction. In fact, customers of engaged companies tend to stay loyal to those brands, even during difficult times. This is why it is important to invest in your employees. Talkdesk makes this easy with a variety of tools that help improve employee engagement and morale. For example, Raydiant’s gamification platform Hoopla turns employee KPIs into motivating competitions that employees can track on live leaderboards.