Naturecan Benefits

Research shows nature promotes feelings of calmness and joy, increases memory and concentration, reduces attention fatigue and improves creativity. It’s also associated with greater well-being and a sense that life is meaningful and worthwhile.

And you don’t have to go outdoors for long – even viewing pictures or videos of natural settings can have beneficial effects.

1. Reduces Stress

It may be a cliché, but it’s true: time in nature really does wonders for the mind. Even a short walk through the park can help reduce stress, improve mood, and boost mental clarity.

One experiment found that students who paused to look at a green roof midway through a difficult, attention-draining task made significantly fewer errors than those who paused to view a concrete rooftop. (Journal of Environmental Psychology, Vol. 42, No. 1, 2015).

Studies are catching up to this idea that “ecosystem services” have important psychological benefits. That’s why some are pushing to incorporate psychological research into decisions about public policy, land use planning, and urban design.

For those who want to add more nature to their recovery, a good place to start is by visiting natural parks and getting out in the sun, especially when the weather is nice. If you can’t get outside, try incorporating CBD products from a company like Naturecan into your daily routine—all their products undergo rigorous third-party testing for product quality and customer safety.

2. Improves Sleep

Getting enough quality sleep is essential to keeping the mind and body healthy. It’s known to improve memory, boost the immune system and promote a sense of well-being. CBD (cannabidiol) has been shown to aid in achieving and maintaining a good night’s sleep by supporting the endocannabinoid system.

Naturecan uses a proprietary, veterinarian-formulated blend of hemp-derived CBD to optimise wellbeing in pets by supporting the endocannabinoid System, the cell signalling network that keeps all mammals in a healthy, balanced state. Their organic hemp is grown using environmentally sustainable farming methods and practices, and they publish the potency of their products on the corresponding product pages. However, purity lab test results had to be requested for two of the ordered products.

With a growing variety of tinctures, gummies, capsules, skincare and balms, Naturecan is one of the UK’s leading stockists of high-quality CBD. They are committed to providing safe, effective and premium-quality wellness supplements to support a happy, healthy lifestyle.

3. Strengthens Immune System

Your immune system does a great job protecting you from germs that might otherwise make you sick. But even a well-functioning system needs a little help now and then. Spending time in nature — walking among the trees or just looking at a green landscape — is thought to boost your immune system by lowering stress hormones and improving mood. Studies have also found that inhaling the phytoncides, or essential oils, emitted by trees elevates levels of natural killer cells (NK) in the bloodstream, which fight tumors and infections.

I’ve been impressed with the accuracy of potency variances for all of these Naturecan products, with most testing below 10% of the accepted range. However, purity lab test results were only available for two of my ordered products.

4. Increases Energy

Whether you take CBD orally, use it in your skincare routine or add it to your diet, Naturecan has a wide range of premium hemp-derived products to help you stay healthy and fit. CBD can calm anxiety and stress, reduce chronic pain and inflammation, improve sleep and regulate sleeping patterns, and boost your energy. They have accurate variances in potency for their oils and gummies, and they publish purity lab results online (though I had to request them for two of my ordered products).

This brand offers high-quality organic hemp and rigorous third-party testing.