Lalamove Benefits

When you sign up for Lalamove you can earn cash and rewards on fuel purchases as well as receive free towing and roadside assistance. You’ll also be able to schedule your orders, and even cash out your earnings.

Free to sign up

Lalamove is a tech company founded in Asia and operating in the cities of Latin America and Asia. In the early days they only did courier services, but over time they expanded their operations to include restaurant delivery, dry cleaning and even booze delivery. They currently have over 700 thousand active drivers on the road. The best part is that the company has a decent customer service and support team. As with any tech company, there are some teething problems, but overall, Lalamove is a reputable and dependable outfit. Its latest offerings have garnered them some accolades, including being named the best tech company to work for in Asia and South East Asia by CNET and a few other publications. Their slick new website is a breeze to navigate and they even have a mobile app for the aforementioned mobile aficionados.

Fuel discounts and rewards

If you are a partner driver for Lalamove Philippines, you can take advantage of fuel discounts and rewards. These are aimed at giving you incentives that will help you achieve your financial goals.

For instance, you can avail of discounts from Shell, Caltex, Unioil, and Panalomove. You can also enjoy exclusive discounts on other goods such as beverages, food, and medicine. The savings you receive will depend on the amount of money you spend every month.

Lalamove also provides a vehicle insurance program for its partner drivers. They also provide a discount on spare parts and vehicle maintenance.

Other benefits include a mobile app that offers convenience to drivers. Using the app allows you to pay for your gas right from your vehicle. Moreover, you can earn stamps every time you fill up.

24/7 Towing & Roadside Assistance

If you’re looking for a reliable and inexpensive roadside assistance solution, consider Lalamove. It’s a Malaysian company with an expansive network of branches across the country. From tow services to gift delivery, it can help you meet all of your transport needs. Plus, it’s a great way to score some big savings on your next booking.

Aside from its affordable pricing, Lalamove offers a number of other advantages. For starters, the company offers free Personal Accident Insurance. They even give you a PHP1,000 medical reimbursement if you happen to be involved in a car accident. You’ll also be rewarded with bonus points for every 5th visit to their store. This is in addition to the free fuel and free towing.

The company has also expanded their offerings to include a comprehensive motor vehicle insurance program. This includes roadside assistance, jump-starts, tire repair, and lockout service.

Scheduled order feature

The Scheduled Order feature of Lalamove is a great way for merchants to save time and money. They can now book delivery to a specified location at a certain time. This feature also provides customers with flexible delivery options.

When a customer places an order, Lalamove matches the order with local drivers. Once a match is made, the delivery partner could be minutes away from the customer’s home or office. In addition, the Lalamove Driver App allows users to check the real-time location of the delivery partner.

In addition to scheduled deliveries, Lalamove offers same-day and multi-stop deliveries. For instance, a driver can deliver an item to a restaurant, a retail store, or even a hotel.

Customers can choose from a wide variety of vehicles for their deliveries. These include sedans, pickup trucks, SUVs, and multi-purpose vehicles. Depending on the type of vehicle and the distance from the pick-up to drop-off locations, shipping rates will vary.

Cash out earnings

Lalamove is a courier delivery service that offers customers a range of services. You can opt for deliveries to hotels, offices, restaurants, and even shops. They offer cash on delivery and in-app payment options. The app is designed to make the process of ordering and picking up your delivery as simple as possible.

The Lalamove driver app is available for download on your Android and iOS smartphone. To get started, you need to input your bank account details and personal information. After verifying your account, you will be able to start taking orders and accepting your first delivery.

As for the cash out, you can withdraw the money via ATM machines across the country. However, you’ll need to have at least $20 to qualify. Depending on your bank, this may take a few business days.