Insightsoftware Benefits

Insightsoftware offers a wide range of benefits to its employees, including flexible work schedules, health insurance, and training opportunities. The company also focuses on teamwork, results-oriented work ethic, disciplined execution, and a growth mindset.

Insightsoftware develops financial reporting and enterprise performance management (EPM) software that helps businesses drive greater financial intelligence by leveraging enterprise data. Its solutions cover financial reporting, business dashboards, budgeting and planning, close and consolidation, operations, tax provisioning, and transfer pricing.

Streamlined Financial Reporting

Whether you’re looking to automate your current financial reporting processes or introduce new ones, choosing the right system is essential. When evaluating options, consider your budget and other factors like scalability and data integration capabilities.

Consolidated financial reporting is critical to maintaining compliance with a range of regulatory requirements and ensuring that your stakeholders and investors are informed about the health of your business. It can be particularly challenging for larger financial and banking organizations with entities spread across the globe and different geographic regulations to manage.

Streamlined financial reporting software empowers finance teams to create complex reports with limited IT involvement, and allows them to distribute that information to the right people in a timely manner. Self-service reporting also allows incremental addition of new data to the system without IT intervention, reducing errors and improving productivity.

Increased Visibility

Regardless of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system used, insightsoftware provides clearer visibility to help make smarter decisions. This is a major benefit for any company.

Insightsoftware enables finance teams to create reports themselves without the need for outside consultants. This helps companies reduce costs and improve their agility.

A great example of this is insightsoftware’s Hubble product, which offers reporting, analytics and planning in a single solution that fully understands ERP systems.

The company also recently acquired a data visualization company, Mekko Graphics, which makes it easier than ever for finance professionals to turn complex enterprise data into visually captivating charts that help them clarify strategic business decisions. With this addition, insightsoftware can now offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that simplify and automate financial processes, such as reporting, budgeting, tax management, and performance management.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Reach a higher level of financial intelligence with insightsoftware solutions that connect you to your enterprise data and make sense of it. This means you have a more holistic view of your business, and it’s easier to make strategic decisions that drive value.

Increase Planning Accuracy – The ability to easily adjust and adapt plans and forecasts throughout the year is a significant advantage for FP&A teams, and insightsoftware solutions help drive this agility across the organization. Rolling forecasts give frontline workers the freedom to enter numbers as they go, while built-in version control lets FP&A managers change models on the fly to respond to changing conditions.

In April 2021, insightsoftware acquired Logi Analytics, a provider of embedded analytics solutions for software providers. This move accelerated insightsoftware’s enterprise position in operational reporting by adding market-leading data analytics and integration products, including SAP and Oracle ERP reporting solutions.

Reduced Costs

Insightsoftware offers a wide range of cost-saving strategies that can help organizations running a variety of ERP, CRM, and other business software systems. From automating reports with simple and intuitive tools to saving money on data warehouse costs, insightsoftware can provide you with a variety of solutions that will lower your costs while increasing your agility.

For example, one of our clients in the construction industry was struggling to keep track of price discrepancies between their various suppliers. By using Jet Analytics, they were able to establish visibility into the situation and take action to improve margins.

Insightsoftware’s Certent software is also a great option for public companies looking to prepare for an IPO, as it reduces risk and ensures compliance with stock plan procedures. Additionally, it helps reduce IPO expenses and facilitates a smooth transition to the public.