How Pie Insurance Benefits Small Businesses

Pie charts are a great way to visualize and communicate categorical and numerical data. They are used in a variety of applications and can help make complex concepts easier to understand.

Pie Insurance offers workers’ comp insurance to small businesses. It has a technology-based underwriting process that can save small businesses up to 30% in premiums. It also provides other types of business insurance, including business owner’s policy, commercial auto and professional liability.

Health Insurance

Pie Insurance focuses solely on workers’ comp coverage and uses technology to streamline the underwriting process. It is available nationwide and can save small businesses up to 30%. It partners with agents to help their clients shop and select coverage.

Pie’s ratings are based on employee feedback submitted anonymously through Comparably. Other rating factors include salary, political affiliations, company data, and H1B filings.

Founded in 2017, Pie is a startup that specializes in workers’ compensation insurance. It offers pay-as-you-go premiums and audit support to make the policy easier for small businesses. It also refers shoppers to third parties for commercial auto, business owner’s policies and cybersecurity coverage.

Life Insurance

Pie Insurance provides workers’ compensation insurance to small businesses with a simple, online experience. They use innovative technology, sophisticated analytics, and industry expertise to save small business owners up to 30% on their workers’ comp premiums.

Founded in 2017, the company has raised over $300M in funding and currently writes AM Best A-rated workers’ comp directly to small businesses and through partner agents nationwide. Their goal is to simplify the whole workers’ comp experience so they can help small businesses focus on growing their business.

To get a quote, business owners answer some basic questions online and then talk to a representative for more information. They offer coverage in 38 states plus Washington, D.C. and work with CorVel, a workers’ comp administration firm to manage claims.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance provides income to help pay your bills when you are unable to work due to illness or injury. This helps prevent you from depleting your savings or going into debt.

Individual policies can be obtained through a financial professional or directly from an insurance company. They can be either long term or short term. They can be owned by you or your employer and are portable (you keep it when you change jobs).

The underwriting process typically includes a medical exam. A policy’s benefit period and waiting period can impact premiums. Some policies include a cost of living adjustment and residual or partial disability benefits.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance covers routine checkups, x-rays, and semi-annual cleanings. Generally, these plans come with a deductible (the amount the policyholder must pay out-of-pocket before the plan begins to share costs) and/or coinsurance.

Some plans, such as a dental PPO or a dental health maintenance organization (DHMO), have networks of dentists that participate in the plan. Generally, plan participants must go to these dentists to receive coverage.

Other plans, such as indemnity policies and capitation programs, pay contracted dentists a fixed fee per enrolled family or patient. Generally, these plans do not require patients to use in-network providers. These plans also tend to have lower monthly premiums than other types of dental coverage.

Vision Insurance

Pie’s insurance partners can also provide other types of business coverage, such as commercial auto insurance, cybersecurity insurance, a business owner’s policy and errors and omissions insurance. These are often cheaper than traditional policies and have fewer requirements and exclusions.

Pie also offers workers’ compensation insurance in all states except those that require it to be purchased from a state fund (monopolistic). Pie’s technology matches price with risk and allows quotes in three minutes, savings of 30% and auto-decides 73% of class codes so partner agents can spend less time searching for coverage.

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