How an Electric Bike Company Benefits the Local Economy

With the help of an electric motor, e-bikes allow people to enjoy biking that would otherwise be out of reach due to age, fitness level, or steep hills. They also provide a cleaner mode of transportation that is free from pollution and leaves a much smaller carbon footprint.

Sean is always looking for ways to bring even more of their e-bike production in-house. They even lace their own wheels (instead of purchasing pre-laced wheels from suppliers).

1. Local Manufacturing

Keeping jobs in the local area keeps wages high, which encourages employee morale. It also means that employees are more likely to stay with the company for a long time, saving on hiring and training costs.

Pedego Electric Bikes is one of the largest electric bike brands in the USA, helping tens of thousands of people get off their couch and into the great outdoors on their e-bikes! They are known for their friendly customer service and upscale bikes that offer a range of functionality.

Priority Bicycles makes a unique line of bicycles including a few e-bikes that prioritize low maintenance, good looks, and comfort. They have an impressive lineup of hybrid, city, and mountain e-bikes. They are also very affordable. They are one of the newest American brands to make a mark in the e-bike market.

2. Quality Control

Sean and his team focus on creating the safest, most technologically sound e-bike on the market. That means meticulous inspection, careful packaging and even rethinking components like the battery. Instead of cramming it in a small box, which can easily be damaged during shipping, each turn-Life battery is fused, sealed and inspected by engineers on site. That’s an incredible level of control that you can’t get with a bike built overseas, shipped to a warehouse in the US and then forwarded to your door. It’s why their custom service teams answer your questions in the same building where bikes are being assembled and packed. And, if they don’t know the answer, they can walk down the hall to ask the experts. It’s just another benefit of keeping production local.

3. Local Employees

In addition to the obvious environmental benefits of an eBike scheme, it also helps support local businesses such as bicycle repair shops and cycling clubs. This helps to create local jobs and stimulate the economy – especially in areas where traditional car ownership may be less common.

For example, Colorado State University has recently given eBikes to 19 essential employees who didn’t have reliable transportation before. The eBikes allow them to commute to work and get to their appointments.

Another popular option is a cycle to work scheme, which enables employers to purchase brand-new electric bikes and accessories for their staff. Typically, the package is paid for through salary sacrifice, meaning that it is tax-efficient (basic rate taxpayers save 32% on income tax and NIC). The employer retains ownership of the bike until the end of the scheme hire agreement.

5. Value

Electric bikes are ideal for hotels, holiday parks, cruise ships and any other business that wants to offer a cheaper transport option to their customers. They can also be a great way to boost revenue in places that have high foot traffic.

Employers can also use eBikes as part of their Cycle to Work schemes to encourage staff to take some exercise on the way into work and reduce stress, illness and absence. Pool bikes can be a useful tool to help with this too and give staff a chance to try out an eBike without the commitment of purchasing one. This will also benefit the local economy as eBike repair shops and charging stations can be set up locally to service them.