Fold Debit Card Benefits

With the Fold app and card, users can earn Bitcoin rewards with every purchase. The rewards come in the form of “sats,” or one-hundred millionths of a Bitcoin. There is a free debit card with the app and a premium option that comes with a $150 annual fee.

Cardholders also have the chance to win a bitcoin through a daily spin of a virtual wheel. This is not a small reward considering that bitcoin has a high value now and is expected to become even more valuable in the future.


Fold is a cryptocurrency-focused debit card that allows you to earn bitcoin rewards with every purchase. You can use the card at any store or online that accepts Visa cards, and you’ll earn a percentage of your purchase in bitcoin rewards each time you make a transaction. The rewards are not substantial, but they’re still a great way to get started in the crypto world.

In addition to earning Bitcoin rewards, users can also participate in daily spins for a chance to win additional free sats. They can also convert their sats into gift cards. The app also doesn’t charge high credit card processing fees, and it supports multiple payment methods, including cryptocurrency. Moreover, the card has no yearly fee, so it’s a good option for newcomers to cryptocurrency. However, the company does have a premium card with a $150 annual fee. It offers more spin rewards, and a higher chance of winning a full bitcoin.


Fold is a mobile-first bitcoin rewards app that offers a debit card with an augmented reality (AR) rewards experience. Its goal is to make it easier and more rewarding for people to earn and use bitcoin. Users can earn a percentage of their purchase back in Bitcoins or sats, depending on the merchant and other factors. They can also win a whole bitcoin, which is not a small reward, given that the crypto is worth quite a bit now and expected to grow even more in value.

Fold has two different card tiers: Intro and Premium. The Intro card has a one-time fee of $21 and the Premium has an annual cost of $150. Both cards offer a 1% cash back on purchases, and they both have the opportunity to spin a rewards wheel for additional rewards. Users can also find their spins in the app’s “Spin Bank” and can cash them in for crypto or bitcoin.


If you decide to use the Fold Card, you will need to agree to certain terms and conditions. These terms will include a requirement to comply with the USA PATRIOT Act and other legal obligations. In addition, you will need to provide accurate and current information about yourself. This will allow Fold to identify you and prevent fraud.

The card is a Visa debit card and you can use it at any merchant that accepts Visa. It also allows you to make payments directly to your bills through your bank’s online portal using the Fold account and routing number found in the app.

The card has a premium $150 annual fee version which comes with more rewards like the post-purchase spin wheel and extra free spins. It is worth considering if you want to maximize your chances of winning big. The post-purchase spin wheel is changed monthly and the prizes vary from cash back to Bitcoin.


The Fold app is a mobile-first platform that offers a Debit Rewards Card that gives users Bitcoin cash back. It is a competitor to the popular Cash App which also rewards your spending in BTC but does not include a debit card.

The card is free to get and can be used at any merchant that accepts Visa. Once a user has a balance on the card, they can spend it anywhere and receive rewards in BTC. The rewards are based on a spinning post-purchase wheel that changes often. The rewards are then deposited in the users’ cryptocurrency wallet.

Fold recently announced its expanded engagement with Visa, which will serve as the exclusive global network partner for its prepaid debit cards in North America, Europe and LAC. This expansion will enable Fold to expand its global reach and help more consumers access bitcoin rewards. In addition, the company will also be able to empower existing local financial service companies to offer bitcoin rewards through its embedded bitcoin rewards and payments infrastructure.