Brightwheel Review

Brightwheel provides a platform for preschools, child care centers, and schools to manage administrative tasks and increase parental engagement. The company’s software automates and streamlines workflows and offers online bill pay for parents.

Employees love the office culture at brightwheel and Dave is well regarded for his leadership. Other benefits include 401(k), life insurance, and learning & development stipend.

Employee Discounts

The company offers a competitive compensation package, with a large focus on equity-based compensation (ownership in brightwheel). In addition, the company offers a 401(k), life insurance, disability insurance, and learning and development stipend.

brightwheel aims to transform early education for teachers, families, and children by providing a free, easy-to-use platform that makes it easier for schools and educators to manage essential administrative tasks. Employees at brightwheel give their leadership a C- on Comparably. They are generally satisfied with their teammates, though.

Monthly Wellness & Productivity Stipend

Brightwheel offers one of the best childcare management software solutions on the market. It provides school, daycare and camp directors with tools for digital child assessments, parent communications, meal tracking, and online paperless billing.

Employees rated CEO satisfaction at brightwheel above average, but the culture of the company leaves something to be desired. Employees feel that meetings and perks are lacking at the company. Nevertheless, employees like working at brightwheel. The company’s mission is to enable high quality early education for every child.

Flexible Work Schedules

Brightwheel is the all-in-one early education platform for schools, teachers, and parents. The app makes it easy for educators to save time with tools for communication, photo sharing, and reporting.

The company also helps parents stay connected to their children’s learning with updates throughout the day and real-time photos.

Overall, employees like working at brightwheel. However, they believe that Base and Total Compensation and Meetings could be improved.


Brightwheel transforms early education for every teacher, parent, and child by saving teachers time, increasing parental engagement and making learning visible. It’s an all-in-one platform for schools, camps, child care centers, and preschools that automates attendance, billing, enrollment, learning plans, parent communication and photo sharing.

However, it can be difficult for busy staff to update Brightwheel in real-time. Parents also expect updates throughout the day, so it’s essential that staff do so regularly.

Life Insurance

Pros: The company has a mission and upper management cares about the employees. The company is also fast-paced, which makes it fun to work.

Cons: Some aspects of brightwheel can be confusing or difficult to understand, such as credits, adjustments, and refunds. Also, the new billing platform can be difficult to decode if you have multiple accounts.

brightwheel enables educators to spend more time on classroom learning, elevates parent engagement, and supports the small businesses that drive early education. The company has a lot of potential and is very innovative.

Disability Insurance

Transforming early education for every teacher, parent and child globally by saving teachers valuable time and giving parents a deeper connection to their children’s learning.

Effectiveness: brightwheel is an all-in-one solution that streamlines childcare center operations. Although it may require some initial learning, it can significantly reduce manual administrative tasks and centralize communication.

Security: brightwheel prioritizes data security and utilizes encryption protocols to protect user information. The company also conducts regular security audits and updates to address potential vulnerabilities.

Learning & Development Stipend

With a strong passion for early education, brightwheel is dedicated to making high-quality learning a reality for all children. The company’s technology platform empowers teachers, engages parents, and connects families with schools and childcare providers.

The company also provides a variety of learning and development benefits for employees to further their careers. Employees at brightwheel appreciate the company’s culture and believe upper-management is approachable and willing to listen to suggestions.