AstroAI Benefits

AstroAI is an innovative company that offers a wide selection of tools for your vehicle. These products range from battery chargers to tire pressure gauges. They also make excellent gifts for employees.

The AstroAI Digital Multimeter (rebranded from Kuman WH5000A in Asia) looks and feels like a more expensive, top-rated meter, but costs half as much. It can measure voltage, resistance, continuity and current, plus temperature.

1. Easy to use

There are many different ways to use an electrical multimeter, but it’s important to know how to operate one before you get started. For instance, you should never touch a live wire with it or leave it connected when you aren’t using it. Moreover, you should always wear safety glasses and gloves when using it.

This model from AstroAI is easy to use and features a clear LCD display that makes it easier to read in low light conditions. It also comes with a range of features, including voltage detection, resistance measurement, diode testing, and a low battery indicator. In addition, it has overload protection and automatic shutoff, making it safe to use. It is a great choice for both amateur and professional users.

2. Versatile

AstroAI’s mini fridge is a great choice for office workers to keep snacks and beverages cold. This portable device also offers a heat function to soothe the muscles and promote relaxation. It is also easy to clean and maintain, making it a good choice for employees on the go.

This budget multimeter, formerly a Kuman WH5000A, is built to look and operate a bit like some of the better-known brands. Its large display has a backlight and is capable of measuring voltage, current, resistance, continuity and temperature. Auto ranging, a MAX/MIN button and relative mode make it suitable for most DIY applications. It has a kickstand and tilting bale to prop it up, ceramic fuses and a magnet holder for the test leads.

This pump can move air at a rate of nine gallons per minute and is capable of filling up a tire, raft or sports ball with ease. The maximum pressure is 100 psi and the pump is small enough to carry with a handle.

3. Portable

The AstroAI tire inflator is small, light and easy to carry. It has a max pressure of 100 PSI and can inflate tires, rafts, beach balls and other inflatable toys. Its handle makes it convenient to carry around, and it fits easily into a toolbox or work overall pocket.

The multimeter is a good value for the money and can measure voltage, continuity and resistance with auto-ranging and manual mode. Its backlight helps to read the meter in dimly lit areas, and the MIN and MAX buttons allow users to save high and low readings.

The meter also has a magnetic hanger, ceramic fuses and a beeper for testing continuity. It is less accurate than a Fluke multimeter, but it can get the job done and is more affordable.

4. Affordable

AstroAI digital multimeter looks a lot like higher-rated, branded meters but has a much lower price tag. It’s a good choice for casual DIYers who want a versatile meter that does the job without the need for intricate voltage, resistance and continuity metric knowledge. Its large backlit display, auto ranging and HOLD, MIN, MAX buttons make it easy to use and read, even in dimly lit spots.

Another plus is the lighted nozzle, which makes it easier to see in dark areas. It also has a thumb imprint, which puts the force of your hand in line with the valve stem for consistent air readings. This is a huge improvement over the Rhino and Topeak, which both have awkward right angles for gripping. It’s also lightweight and compact.

5. Reliable

With a staggering amount of positive ratings, this AstroAI tire pump is a great choice for anyone wanting to keep their tires properly inflated. This ensures safety, reduces wear on your tires and improves fuel efficiency.

The multimeter is easy to operate and has useful functions such as a relative mode, MAX/MIN button, data hold and auto-ranging function. It comes with a protective carry case and ceramic fuses for safer operation. It can measure everything from voltage, current and resistance to continuity and temperature.

The dual head tire gauge has a bright blue backlit LCD screen that is easily read even in pitch-black conditions. It also features a convenient flashlight for locating the valve stem. It is an affordable option that offers the same functionality as higher-rated tire gauges.