Month: June 2023

How Vitls Benefits Healthcare

Close monitoring of a patient’s vital signs is a cornerstone of good care, but it can be difficult to do reliably in many settings. Houston-based startup Vitls has developed a disposable wearable and companion platform that allow doctors and nurses to remotely monitor a patient’s heart rate, temperature, respiration, and blood oxygenation. 1. Improved Patient

Smart Rent Benefits

Adding smart technology to your rental property can boost ROI by attracting tech-savvy renters. Smart features like programmable thermostats and trash cans that generate grocery lists make your units more appealing to younger renters who are willing to pay a little more for convenience. Smart touring solutions help managers increase tour volume, enable self-touring, and

How an Electric Bike Company Benefits the Local Economy

With the help of an electric motor, e-bikes allow people to enjoy biking that would otherwise be out of reach due to age, fitness level, or steep hills. They also provide a cleaner mode of transportation that is free from pollution and leaves a much smaller carbon footprint. Sean is always looking for ways to

AstroAI Benefits

AstroAI is an innovative company that offers a wide selection of tools for your vehicle. These products range from battery chargers to tire pressure gauges. They also make excellent gifts for employees. The AstroAI Digital Multimeter (rebranded from Kuman WH5000A in Asia) looks and feels like a more expensive, top-rated meter, but costs half as